NameNerseh King of Sasanian Empire
Misc. Notes
Narseh (Narses) worsted his brother and rival, Hormizd, and drove Tiridates from Armenia (296).

WAR WITH ROME . A Roman army under Galerius (See 297 ) was defeated near Carrhae and Narseh recaptured Mesopotamia (297). The following year, Galerius returned and crushed the Persians. Narseh surrendered to Rome Mesopotamia and other territories east of the Tigris, the western part of Media was ceded to Armenia, and Iberia became a Roman protectorate. The Romans and Persians then remained at peace for forty years. During the reign of Narseh, the king of Armenia was converted to Christianity.

Ref: The Encyclopedia of World History, Sixth edition
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ChildrenHormizd II (-309)
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