NameOlaf Cuarán Sitricsson King of York and Dublin
Birth926, Northumbria
Deathabt 981, Iona
Misc. Notes
The last Norse rulers of Dublin were Sigtryggr (Sihtric Silkbeard) and his son Óláfr Cuarran (Cuarran means "Sandal" or "Shoe"). Under Óláfr, Norwegian influence reached its peak. An Irish chronicle says, "There was a Norse king in every province, a Norse chief in every clan, a Norse abbot in every church, a Norse sheriff in every village, a Norse warrior in every home."

In 980 AD, the rulers of Dublin were forced to recognize the overkingship of the Irish king of Meath when Óláfr Cuarran was defeated by Mael Sechnaill II, King of Meath. Óláfr eventually converted to Christianity, dying as a monk in 981 in the monastery at Iona. After this time, the Vikings paid tribute to the Irish, although they remained in control of the lucrative trade that connected Ireland with the rest of the Viking commercial world.

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Birthabt 940, Ireland
ChildrenSihtric “Silkbeard” (-1042)
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