NameWilliam (Guillaume) VII Duke of Aquitaine
Birth22 Oct 1071, Aquitaine, France
Death10 Feb 1127
MotherAldegarde of Burgundy (~1033->1120)
Misc. Notes
William had a reputation as an outstanding troubadour, and he is said to have shocked some people with his risque songs about love.
William headed an army that included Hugh of Vermandois on a crusade (sometimes called the third wave of the First Crusade) to rescue
Bohemond from the dungeons of the Turkish castle at Niksar (where he was taken after being captured before the end of 1100 while
returning from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem). William's army, like many of those before him, ran out of supplies in the vastness of Asia Minor
and fell prey to the mounted Turkish archers. Hugh of Vermandois died of his wounds, but some of the survivors eventually made their way
to Jerusalem. There they would fulfill their vows and participate in a campaign to defend Palestine from the Egyptians. It was during this
conflict that Steven of Blois was killed.

William IX "became famous as a crusader and a troubadour" {per Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1956 Ed., 2:168}. He became Duke in 1087. Dates from "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 111-24.

Assisted Philip I of France against William the Conqueror. He erected the Palace of Poicou and after confering large donations on the CHurch, died. The dates and names are unclear. Some label him as William VII.

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Birth1073, Toulouse, France
Death28 Nov 1117
FatherWilliam IV Count of Toulouse (~1040-1093)
MotherEmma de Mortain (~1058->1080)
ChildrenWilliam VIII (1099-1137)
 Raymond I (~1099-1149)
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