NameHermenegild II the Visigoth
Birthabt 563, Spain
Death13 Apr 586, Toledo, Spain
Misc. Notes
Brought up in the Arian heresy, Hermenegild married (579) a daughter of Sigebert I of Austrasia, Ingund, a zealous orthodox Catholic. Given a separate command at his father's siege of Byzantine-held Seville, he was converted through the efforts of his wife and of the bishop of Seville, St. Leander, and almost immediately rebelled against his father. He was aided initially by the Byzantines, but Leovigild succeeded in buying them off, and Hermenegild was captured and beheaded. Most contemporary writers suggested that Hermenegild was executed as a rebel, but Pope Gregory I, in his Dialogues, stated that he was killed for refusing to receive communion from an Arian bishop. His cult was subsequently authorized for Spain by Pope Sixtus V and for the whole church by Urban VIII

Hermenegild, son of a Visigothic king, was raised an Arian at the court of Seville. He became a "Catholic" upon marrying
the daughter of Sigebert of Austrasia, causing his father to disinherited him - resulting in Hermenegild taking arms to regain
his inheritance. Defeated and captured, he refused to give up his faith and was put to death, probably at the instigation of his
step-mother. His feast day, April 13, is only observed locally.
Birthabt 567, Metz, Moselle, France
Death24 Mar 585
ChildrenAthangildo (~581-590)
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