NameOtto II of Saxony Emperor
Birth955, Germany
Death7 Dec 983, Rome, Italy
MotherAdelaide of Lombardy (931-999)
Misc. Notes
German king from 961 and Holy Roman emperor from 967, sole ruler from 973, son of Otto I and his second wife, Adelaide.

Otto continued his father's policies of promoting a strong monarchy in Germany and of extending the influence of his house in Italy. In 961 he was crowned co-regent king of Italy and Germany with his father and was made co-regent emperor in 967. On April 14, 972, he married the Byzantine princess Theophano. At his father's death in 973 he was accepted without opposition as successor, although revolts in the duchy of Bavaria and in Lorraine occupied the early years of his reign. Bavaria, the most independent of the duchies, rebelled in 974, under the leadership of its duke, Henry II the Quarrelsome, Otto's cousin. It was not until 978 that Bavaria was pacified, the same year that Lothair, king of France, invaded Lorraine. In 979 Otto received the submission of Bohemia and Poland, and in 980 Lothair renounced his claim to Lorraine. Having thus secured his German dominions, Otto marched into Italy in 980, where German rule had been maintained by an imperial party headed by Hugh, marquis of Tuscany. Otto invaded southern Italy and was decisively defeated there by the Arabs in 982. In 983 he summoned a diet at Verona, where his young son, Otto III, was crowned German king. Otto II died in 983 while attempting to bring Venice under imperial control. His absence from Germany had occasioned revolts along its borders, and after his defeat in Calabria in 982 the German position east of the Elbe collapsed because of a revolt by the Danes and an invasion by the Slavs. Nonetheless, Otto left a firmly established realm to his son and successor Otto III.

Otto II was chosen German king in 961 and crowned joint emperor at Rome by Pope John XIII (25 Dec 967); he became
sole emperor on the death of his father (in May, 973). His son reigned as Otto III, 983-1002.

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Birthabt 958, Constantinople, Turkey
Death15 Jun 991
Marriage14 Apr 972
ChildrenUthildis (Otehilde) (~983-1044)
 Matilda (978-1025)
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