NamePepin de Lombardy King of Italy
BirthApr 773, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
Death8 Jul 810, Milan, Italy
MotherHildegarde of Swabia (758-783)
Misc. Notes
King of Italy (781-810) and second son of the Frankish emperor Charlemagne.

Given the title of king of Italy in 781, Pepin took part in campaigns against Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria from 787 and led an army against the Avars in 796. His Venetian campaign (809-810) enabled Charlemagne later to come to favourable terms with the Byzantine Empire. As early as 806 Charlemagne, in planning the division of his lands, had decided that on his death Pepin should inherit Italy, Bavaria, and the territory of the Alemanni, but Pepin predeceased his father by four years.

He was king of Lombary and of Italy, 781-810.

Weis' "Ancestral Roots. . ." (50:14).
Pepin's father, CHARLEMAGNE, conquered Italy and removed the last of
the Lombard kings in 774. He had Pepin crown as king of Italy in 781,
when he was four years old. The administration of the kingdom was by
various guardians appointed by CHARLEMAGNE. Armies under Pepin's
authority annihilited the Avars in 796 and took Chieti from Benevento in
801. Pepin died in 810, four years before his father. His son, Bernard
succeeded him as king of Italy.

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