NameHenry I King of France
Birth15 May 1008, Bourgogne, France
Death4 Aug 1060, Vitry-en-Brie, France
BurialSt Denis Abbey, St Denis, Seine, France
MotherConstance of Toulouse (986-1032)
Misc. Notes
King of France from 1026 to 1060 whose reign was marked by struggles against rebellious vassals.

The son of Robert II the Pious and grandson of Hugh Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty, Henry was anointed king at Reims (1026) in his father's lifetime, following the death of his elder brother Hugh. His mother, Constance, however, favoured his younger brother Robert for the throne, and civil war broke out on King Robert II's death (1031). The younger Robert was given Burgundy in 1032, after Henry had sought refuge with Robert, Duke of Normandy. From 1033 to 1043 Henry struggled with his feudatories, notably Eudes of Blois and his brother Robert. In 1055, as the result of an agreement made by Robert II, the county of Sens came to the crown as the sole territorial gain of Henry's reign.

Henry helped William (the future William I of England), Robert's successor as duke of Normandy, to quell his rebellious vassals at the Battle of Val-aux-Dunes (or Val-├Ęs-Dunes; 1047), but he was thereafter usually at war with him--a notable defeat for the king being that at Varaville (1058). Henry tried to resist papal interference but could not prevent Pope Leo IX from holding a council at Reims (1049). Philip, elder son of Henry's marriage to a Russian princess, was crowned in 1059.

Annointed king at Reims in 1027, he succeeded his father in 1031. "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 53-22 gives his birth-year. He m. (1) Matilda of Germany.

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Birthabt 1024, Kiev, Ukraine
Deathaft 1075, France
BurialVilliers Abbey, La-ferte-alais, Essonne, France
MotherInguigard of Sweden (~1001-1050)
Marriage20 Jan 1044
ChildrenHugh “The Great” (1057-1101)
 Philip I 'The Fair' (<1052-1108)
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