NameHenry Borden
Birthabt 1375, Borden, England
Deathabt 1469, Headcorn, Kent, England
Misc. Notes
Henry BORDEN, born in the 1370's, was the first BORDEN to live at Headcorn, county Kent,
southeast England. He was undoubtedly a descendant of the BORDENs of Borden, a village that was
about 12 miles from Headcorn. Most researchers believe the BORDENs came to England from
Normandy with William the Conqueror in 1066. Even if Edmund BORDEN (b. c.1480) was not the
son of William BORDEN (d. c.1530) as mentioned previously, Henry BORDEN was still our
ancestor. Henry married Roberga -----. Their children were: Thomas BORDEN and Robert

Richard DeBOURDON was born about 1201 and named after King Richard, the Lion Hearted,
who reigned over England from 1189 to 1199. The wife and children of Richard DeBOURDON are
unknown, but we know he was an ancestor of Henry BORDEN (b. 1370's).

Robergia DeBOURDON was born 13 March 1182. She died about 1220. She married her cousin
Francis DeBOURDON from Bayeux, Normandy (France), on Christmas 1200. Francis and
Robergia were buried in the churchyard of St. Peter and St. Paul in the village of Borden, county
Kent, England. They had two sons: Richard DeBOURDON (b. c.1201) and Simon DeBOURDON,
called "weak and sickly."

Francis, Robergia, and their two sons are pictured in the church of St. Peter and St. Paul kneeling at
mass with the inscription of the BORDEN Moral Code:

Be Just - for the Lord only loaned us that which we have whether of goods or of
talents, and in their use we must consider the rights of all men.

Be Merciful - for we shall have no greater claim to the mercy we all shall finally
need than that we forgive our brother's faults.

Be True - to friendship and to God, for truth is all of this life worth the having, and
perfect truth is what the life to come shall reveal to us. It is the prince of darkness
that is the Prince of Lies.

On the opposite wall can be found the BORDEN Coat of Arms. For centuries a tradition in the
BORDEN family claimed there were important records contained within the wall of the church.

While on their honeymoon in 1869, Richard Y. and Lavinia (BORDEN) COOK visited the village of
Borden. (Lavinia (BORDEN) COOK, born 10 March 1845, was the daughter of John H. (b. 1819), son of Josiah (b. 1769), son of Francis
IV (b. 1740), son of Francis III (b. 1709), son of Francis II (b. 1680), son of Francis (b. 1628), son of Richard BORDEN (1595/6-1671), the
immigrant.) In a secret nightly mission they removed the stone in the church bearing the BORDEN Coat
of Arms. They found that this stone was hollow and contained a cylindrical leaden box which also
bore the BORDEN Coat of Arms. Inside the box was a cylinder of yellow cloth of well oiled linen
and waxed on the inside. This contained a parchment manuscript prepared in 1220 a.d. by Robergia
DeBOURDON. She wrote that her son Richard "will be strong, a man of iron, wise and peaceful.
From him the BORDEN line will succeed. It is now 154 years since Count William of Normandy
defeated and killed the Great Harold, King of England, at Hastings. There fell also Ethelwolf my
Saxon mother's grandfather and Lord of all the lands which William the Conqueror gave to his
vassal, Francis DeBOURDON. My mother was Elfrida of Kent; my father was Simon
DeBOURDON." More details are contained in the book Robergia: A Story of Old England,
by Richard Y. COOK.

Simon DeBOURDON of Bourdon, England, married Elfreada on Christmas 1180. Simon was
the grandson of Francis DeBOURDON of Bayeux, Normandy (France), who fought under
William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Elfreada died in 1193. Simon died about
1195. Both were buried in a vault in the family chapel within their castle walls. Simon and
Elfreada's daughter was Robergia DeBOURDON.

The name of the father of Elfreada of Kent, England, is not known. Her mother was Helenore.
Elfreada's paternal grandfather was Ethelwolf. He was born about 1030 and died in 1066 on the
battlefield at Hastings defending his Anglo-Saxon homeland.

The first BORDEN to live at Headcorn, co. Kent. "New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg.," Jan 1930, p. 70. GLENN's "Pedigree of Richard
BORDEN". "The OLDACRE/OLDAKER Story," by Edward OLDAKER, 1985
ChildrenThomas (~1400-<1469)
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