ARTS 2020: Computer Music

Arts Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Monday/Wednesday, 6:00-7:50pm, West Hall 110

Instructor: Rob Hamilton, West Hall 307

e: hamilr4 [at] rpi [dot] edu




Due Monday, 9/25

Using your 30-second block from the in-class challenge, populate a simple game scene with your sounds. You can make use of the scenes shown in class (Roll-a-Ball, Simple Shooter), Unity example scenes or a game scene of your own making.

The success of your scene will revolve around whether or not your scene feels coherent, i.e. all the sounds exist in the same space. Coherence can be helped by creative use of reverberation in game, by careful editing of sounds in Audacity, or simply through artistic choices you make in your role as sound-designer.

Please include examples of the following Unity audio processes in your scene:

Assignment #2: Sound-Only Game

Assigned 10/10, Due 10/26

For this assignment, build an interactive music game where the primary player interaction and gameplay is conveyed via sound and music. For this project your audio engine should be built within Pure Data.

The game can have no visible user-interface or a minimal user-interface, the choice is yours. What is important is that information you wish to convey to your players in primarily conveyed via sound and music.

Your game can be built entirely in Pure Data or you can use Pure Data as the audio backend to a front end built in Unity, MobMuPlat, or any other OSC-capable interface.