University Collaborations

Lisa Miller
Brookhaven National Laboratory [Spectroscopy, IR-line at the BNL synchrotron facility]

Mariastella Scandola,
Università di Bologna [Solid-state Properties of Polymers]

Eric Amis,
National Institute of Standards and Technology [Combinatorial methods]

Shuiqin Zhou,
City University of New York [Self assembly and polymer physics]

Michael Zenilman, M.D. Chief of Surgery,
Suny Downstate [Bioresorbable implants, septic shock antogonists]

Martin H. Bluth, M.D., Ph.D.,
Director of Research, SUNY Downstate [septic shock antogonists]

Benjamin Chu,
SUNY Stony Brook University [Polymer Physics, processing and Material Science]

Miriam Rafailovich,
SUNY Stony Brook University [Surface and rheological properties of polymers, nanoparticles]

Sadoqi Mostafa,
St. Johns University, Dept. of Physics [nanoparticles and their biological properties]

Maja Nowakowski,
SUNY Downstate Medical Center [Immunology]

Vishal Shah,
Dowling College [Fermentation]

Katja Loos,
Rijksunversiteit Groningen, Netherlands [polymer physics]

Anthony Calabro,
Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Lerner Research Institute [Tissue Engineering]

James Hedrick,
IBM Almaden [Dendrimer Synthesis, Controlled Polymerization



National Laboratories

Federal Agencies