Schoelles, Neth, Dennis, & Gray (2008)

Schoelles, M. J., Neth, H., Dennis, A., & Gray, W. D. (2008). Manipulating Sudoku strategies. In V. Sloutsky, B. Love & K. McRae (Eds.), Poster presented at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2419). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.


Manipulating Sudoku strategies

Across three conditions, we vary the influence perceptual-motor costs of information access in the game of Sudoku. In the control condition, participants can always see the entire game. In the open-3-condition a third of the board is visible. In the open-1-condition only a ninth of the board is visible. In these latter two conditions, viewing the hidden parts of the board requires the participant to move the mouse to and click on the hidden segments. All participants play three games in the control condition, followed by three games in one treatment condition, and then two games in the control condition. All behavioral, event, and object data are collected, timestamped, and saved to a logfile. These data will be analyzed to determine whether and how the cost of information access affects game performance and strategy shifts.

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