Gray, W. D. & Veksler, V. D. (2006)

Schoelles, M. J., Gray, W. D., Veksler, V. D., Gamard, S., & Grintsvayg, A. (2006, July). Cognitive modeling of web search. Paper presented at the 13th Annual ACT-R Workshop, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA..

Cognitive modeling of web search

A significant challenge for computational cognitive modeling is to develop high-fidelity models of web surfing. To successfully model the entire task both software and cognitive engineering problems must be solved. At ACT-R-2005, we addressed some of the software engineering challenges posed by the task of attaching an ACT-R model to a web browser (Gamard, Schoelles, Kofila, Veksler, & Gray, 2005). In this talk we focus on the cognitive engineering challenges posed by the need to navigate and search a near infinite number of heterogeneously designed web pages in pursuit of a weakly specified target.

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