Gray, W. D. & Veksler, V. D. (2005)

Gray, W. D., & Veksler, V. D. (2005). The acquisition and asymmetric transfer of interactive routines. In B. G. Bara, L. Barsalou & M. Bucciarelli (Eds.), 27th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, CogSci2005 (pp. 809-814). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.

The acquisition and asymmetric transfer of interactive routines

We investigate the ways in which small changes in the cost of using an interface influence interactive behavior. During the Training Phase of the study, subjects in two interface conditions acquired two different sets of interactive routines for programming the shows. During the Transfer Phase we observed asymmetric transfer. In one case, Subjects immediately abandoned the interactive routines they had used during training and adopted the other set of routines. In the other case, Subjects held steadfast to their original set. We discuss both acquisition and asymmetric transfer in terms of cost-benefit tradeoffs in interacting with the two task environments..

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