Schunn & Gray (2002)

Schunn, C. D., & Gray, W. D. (2002). Introduction to the special issue on computational cognitive modeling. Cognitive Systems Research, 3(1), 1-3.

Introduction to the Special Issue on Computational Cognitive Modeling

This special issue of Cognitive Systems Research features the top twelve papers from the 4 International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM-2001). These papers represent the current trends in computational cognitive modeling, displaying both the diversity and commonalities of the field. This introduction to the special issue describes the motivations for the conference and the special issue, and overviews the diversity and commonalities found in the papers.

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Papers in the Special Issue include the following:

A modular neural-network model of the basal ganglia's role in
learning and selecting motor behaviours
G. Baldassarre
pp 5-13

Bootstrapping in miniature language acquisition
R. Desai
pp 15-23

Modeling icon search in ACT-R/PM
M.D. Fleetwood, M.D. Byrne
pp 25-33

In search of templates
F. Gobet, S. Jackson
pp 35-44

An attractor network model of serial recall
M. Jones, T.A. Polk
pp 45-55

Intention superiority effect: A context-switching account
C. Lebiere, F.J. Lee
pp 57-65

Modeling selective attention: Not just another model of Stroop
M.C. Lovett
pp 67-76

Extending task analytic models of graph-based reasoning: A cognitive
model of problem solving with Cartesian graphs in ACT-R/PM
D. Peebles, P.C.-H. Cheng
pp 77-86

The role of computational modeling in understanding hemispheric
interactions and specialization
J.A. Reggia, R. Schulz
pp 87-94

Predicting the effects of cellular-phone dialing on driver
D.D. Salvucci, K.L. Macuga
pp 95-102

A model of individual differences in skill acquisition in the
Kanfer-Ackerman air traffic control task
N.A. Taatgen
pp 103-112

An explanation of the length effect for rotated words
C. Whitney
pp 113-119

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