Schoelles & Gray (2001)

Schoelles, M. J., & Gray, W. D. (2001). Argus: A suite of tools for research in complex cognition. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 33(2), 130-140.

Argus: A suite of tools for research in complex cognition

Argus simulates a radar-like target classification task. It was developed to support research in measuring and modeling cognitive workload. Argus is used in both single-subject and team mode. However, the Argus system is more than just a simulated task environment. Argus features flexible experimenter control over cognitive workload, as well as extensive data collection and data playback facilities to support the iterative nature of research in complex behaviors. In addition, embodied computational models based on a cognitive architecture interact with Argus using the same interface as do human subjects. In this paper, we describe these features as well as the task simulation.

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