Gray, W. D. & Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2000)

GOMS Tutorial/Workshop

Workshop (Tutorial) given at the 2000 IEA/HFES Conference


Many cognitive task analysis techniques provide static descriptions of the declarative knowledge possessed by domain experts. However, skilled performance is dynamic, not static. This workshop will describe a family of cognitive process techniques which allow the analyst to go beyond static descriptions of declarative knowledge to develop analytic models that capture the interactions between human cognition, the design of objects, and task performance. Specifically, the workshop will combine lecture with a hands-on approach to provide an overview of the GOMS family of cognitive process analysis techniques and the ways in which GOMS can be used to represent activities that occur in parallel. During this workshop, participants will be provided hands-on experience at developing some types of GOMS models and in using other types of models to quickly see and evaluate design alternatives. Participants are expected to be GOMS novices but to be experienced at (or, at least, exposed to) more traditional approaches to cognitive task analysis.

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