Gray, 1997

Gray, W. D. (1997, July/August). Who ya gonna call? You're on your own. IEEE Software, 14, 26-28.

Who ya gonna call?

[[Excerpt from article]]

The year was 1988. It was my third day on the new job, and the honeymoon was about to end. My boss came by my cubicle and asked me to help a colleague, whom I’ll call Lise, design the interface for Project Slurpy. Project Slurpy was typical of many projects I was to work on for this company: conceived by marketing based upon their interpretation of focus group data. The goal was to build a new videotex service that would, as the lead marketer put it, “get all of those Atari 400s out of the closet and hooked into the phone system.” Basically, it was to be a new service with a lowest-common-denominator interface. Even nine years ago, it seemed like a silly idea. . . .

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