John, B. E. & Gray, W. D. (1995)

John, B. E., & Gray, W. D. (1995). GOMS Analysis for Parallel Activities. Tutorial Presented at the ACM CHI'95 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Vol. 2, pp. 395–396).

GOMS Analysis for Parallel Activities

GOMS is a family of techniques for analyzing human performance in terms of the Goals, Operators, Methods and Selection rules necessary to perform a task. Traditionally, GOMS has approximated human performance as perceptual, cognitive, and motor activities performed sequentially. However, many tasks require users to perform activities in parallel, e.g., visually searching for information, while listening to a customer, while typing. This tutorial will teach a version of GOMS, CPM-GOMS, that predicts performance on such tasks and saved an industrial organization millions of dollars through the evaluation of alternative system designs.

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