Gray, John, and Atwood, 1992

Gray, W. D., John, B. E., & Atwood, M. E. (1992). The précis of Project Ernestine or an overview of a validation of GOMS. In P. Bauersfeld, J. Bennett, & G. Lynch (Eds.), ACM CHI'92 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 307-312). New York: ACM Press.

The Précis of Project Ernestine or an Overview of a Validation of GOMS

Project Ernestine served a pragmatic as well as a scientific goal: to compare the worktimes of telephone company toll and assistance operators on two different workstations, and to test the validity of GOMS models for predicting and explaining real-world performance. Contrary to expectations, GOMS predicted and the data confirmed, that performance with the proposed workstation was slower than with the current one. Pragmaticly, this increase in performance time translates into a cost of $2.4 million dollars a year to NYNEX. Scientificly, the GOMS models predicted performance with exceptional accuracy.

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A more complete version of this paper was published in the Human-Computer Interaction journal in 1993. I strongly recommend that you download, read, and cite that version. Click here to go to that page in my downloads.

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