Gray, W. D. & Orasanu, J. (1987)

Gray, W. D., & Orasanu, J. (1987). Transfer of learning: Contemporary research and applications. In S. Cormier & J. Hagman (Eds.), Transfer of training (pp. 183–215). San Diego, CA, USA: Academic Press.

From the Introduction

The cognitive science revolution (Baars, 1986; Gardner, 1985) has made impressive advances in our understanding of cognitive performance and the acquisition of cognitive skills. Based upon these successes powerful theories are emerging that can predict when and how much transfer will occur. While these theories are diverse, their common demnominator is the problem space hypothesis (Newell & Simon, 1972), with many of these theories using production systems (Brownston, Farrell, Kant, & Martin, 1985) as a tool for theory development and representation.

In this chapter we discuss the transfer of complex cognitive skills, such as text editing, with an emphasis on the relationship between transfer and learning. In this section we introduce our topic by comparing the cognitive science approach to transfer with the older verbal learning tradition. We then provide a short discussion of the central facts of transfer and finish the section by considering a number of cognitive science concetps and methods that are important to the new study of transfer.

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