Favorite papers: Must reading for Cognitive Scientists or would-be Cognitive Scientists

NOTE: These lists are outdated now. They have been mostly replaced by my lists of syllabi available at ~grayw/courses/syllabi. These are also accessible via the bottom red button on the left-side menu of my homepage.

A list of papers and books some classics (see the Essential Readings list); some recently read and exciting, and some from my lab that seem to be getting some attention from other researchers. This list will be expanded, trimmed, and otherwise edited as time goes by.

Essential Readings (at least 10 years old)

Classics that all cognitive scientists should have read

New Favorites

Recently read papers (regardless of how old) that are well-written and make an interesting point

Key Papers from My Laboratory

Papers from my laboratory that I like a lot and which other people read and cite the most

Papers Read and Discussed in the Topics in Interactive Behavior Reading Group

The CogWorks Laboratory Graduate Students and Faculty meet once a week to discuss a paper of possible interest to our ongoing research. This page contains an ongoing listing of the papers that we have read and discussed.





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