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Topics in Immediate Interactive Behavior


COGS 6960 -- Spring 2011

Instructor: Wayne Gray
Phone: (518) 276-3315
Email: grayw@rpi.edu
Office: 3rd Fl Carnegie Bldg
Individual Session with Instructor : tdb
Research Issues Session : Wed 10:30-11:45
Reading Group Session: Fri 12-3:00

course URL: http://www.rpi.edu/~grayw/courses/COG6960/

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This is a graduate level course.


Course focuses on research and theory on the topic of immediate interactive behavior broadly defined. The ultimate goal of the study of immediate interactive behavior is understanding the interplay among the elements of embodied cognition (cognitive, perceptual, and motor operations), dynamic and responsive task environments, and the task being performed by the user.

There are three parts to this course each part is associated with a weekly meeting.

Individual Session

Each enrolled student will meet once each week with the instructor for an hour-long meeting. The focus of the meeting will be the student's current research and readings. It is expected that each week, the student will be able to discuss with the instructor new readings relevant to their research topic, discuss the design, conduct, and analysis of empirical studies, as well as the design, conduct, and evaluation of computational cognitive modeling. It is NOT expected that all three of these topics will be discussed each week.

Research Issues Session

All students will meet once each week with the instructor for an hour-long group meeting. This meeting will also include any and all undergraduate students who are engaged in collaborative research with the graduate student and/or engaged in research related to the graduate student's. The focus of this meeting will be on methods and techniques for experimental data collection, data analysis, display of data, and modeling. On different weeks, different students will present work-in-progress to the group.

Reading Group Session

All students will meet once each week with the instructor for a 2-3 hour reading group. For each week there will be one (or a small number of short papers) that will be read by all students. The readings will be selected based on a variety of criteria. Many of the readings will be recommended by the student based on their independent readings and discussion with the instructor. Other readings will be selected by the instructor and will emphasize important theories, research, techniques for the study of interactive behavior. On most weeks, the student(s) leading the discussion will be selected during the class, at random, by the instructor. On other weeks one or more students may be selected or volunteer to lead the discussion based on the relationship of the reading to their research.


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About the Instructor

Professor Gray has been a member of the Cognitive Science Department at RPI since the Fall of 2002. For details on his research interests and activities see his homepage. Material will be added to Weekly Reading page during the semester so check back frequently.


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