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Professor John M. Gowdy

Books Authored

Coevolutionary Economics: Economy, Society and Environment, Kluwer Academic Press, Boston, 1994

Economic Theory for Environmentalists, St. Lucie Press, Delray Beach, Florida, 1995 (with Sabine O’Hara).

Paradise For Sale: A Parable of Nature, University of California Press, January 2000 (with Carl McDaniel).

Books Edited

Limited Wants, Unlimited Means: A Reader on Hunter-Gatherer Economics and the Environment, Island Press, 1998.

Sustainability and Firms: Technological Change and the Changing Regulatory Environment, Edward Elgar, London, 1998 (with Sylvie Faucheux and Isabelle Nicolai).

Bioeconomics and Sustainability: Essays in Honor of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Edward Elgar, London, 1999 (with Kozo Mayumi).

Sustainability in Question: The Search for a Conceptual Framework, Edward Elgar, London, 1999 (with Jörg Köhn, Fritz Hinterberger, and Jan van der Straaten).

Sustainability in Action: Sectoral and Regional Case Studies, Edward Elgar, London, 2001 (with Jörg Köhn and Jan van der Straaten).

Frontiers in Environmental Valuation and Policy, Edward Elgar, London, 2005 (with Jon Erickson).

Books In Progress

Economic Theory Old and New: A Student’s Guide, Stanford University Press, Fall 2008.

Monograph Edited

Implications of Ecological Economics to Regional Economics,  Contributions to Regional and Structural Research, Volume 3, Rostock, Germany, August 1997 (with Jörg Köhn).

Special Issues of Journals Edited

Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 8(4), Guest Editor for a Special Issue on Biology and              Economics, October 1997.

Ecological Economics volume 63(4), Guest Editor (with Richard Howarth) for a Special Issue on Cost-Benefit Analysis and Sustainability, September 2007.

Ecological Economics, Guest Editor (with Richard Norgaard and Gioros Kallis) for a Special Issue on Coevolution, forthcoming 2008.

Selected Publications Available for Download

“The Microfoundations of Macroeconomics: An Evolutionary Perspective,” Cambridge Journal of Economics 27(1), 2003, 65-84 (with Jeroen van den Bergh).

“The Approach of Ecological Economics” Cambridge Journal of Economics , 29(2), 2005, 207-222 (with Jon Erickson).

“One World, One Experiment: Addressing the Biology-Economics Conflict,” Ecological Economics 15, pp. 181-192, December 1995 (with Carl McDaniel).

“Reformulating the foundations of consumer choice theory and environmental evaluation,” Ecological Economics, 39 (2001) 223-237, (with Kozo Mayumi).

“Ecological Economics at a Crossroads” Ecological Economics 53, 2005, 17-20 (with Jon Erickson).

“Toward a New Welfare Economics of Sustainability,” Ecological Economics, 53 (2005) 211-222.

"Sustainability and Collapse: What Can Economics Bring to the Debate?" invited editorial in Global Environmental Change 15, 2005, 181-183.

“Fairness and Retaliation in a Rural Nigerian Village,” The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 52(4), 2003, 469-479, (with Steve Onyeiwu and Raluca Iorgulescu).

“Altruism, Evolution, and Welfare Economics,” The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 53(1), 2004, 69-73.

“Economic Man and Selfish Genes: The Relevance of Group Selection to Economic Policy,” Journal of Socio-Economics 33(3), 2004, 343-358, (with Irmi Seidl).

The Value of Biodiversity: Markets, Society, and Ecosystems” Land Economics 73(1), February 1997, 25-41. Reprinted in Ecosystems and Nature, R. Kerry Turner, editor, Edward Elgar, London, 2000.

“The Physical Destruction of Nauru: An Example of Weak Sustainability,” Land Economics, 75 (2), 333-338, May 1999 (with Carl McDaniel).

“Resource Use, Institutions and Sustainability: A Tale of Two Pacific Island Cultures,” (with Jon Erickson) Land Economics 76(3), 345-354, August 2000.

“The Revolution in Welfare Economics and its Implications for Environmental Valuation” Land Economics, 80(2), 2004, 239-257.

"The Evolution of Georgescu-Roegen's Bioeconomics," Review of Social Economy 56(2), Summer 1998, 136-156 (with Susan Mesner).

“Terms and Concepts in Ecological Economics,” Wildlife Society Bulletin, (2000), 28(1), 26-33.

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