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Professor John M. Gowdy

Professional Societies

International Society for Ecological Economics

United States Society for Ecological Economics

Society for the Advancement of Behavior Economics

Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics

European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy

European Society for Ecological Economics

Max Planck Institute

University of Leeds

Current Research Interests

Happiness and Well Being, Well Being Manifesto, World Happiness Database

The Rise and Fall of Human Societies, Journal of World Systems Research

The Collapse of Walrasian Economics, Bowles and Gintis "Walrasian Economics in Retrospect",
Post-Autistic Economics

Four Crises of the Twenty-First Century

Biodiversity Loss, "Biodiversity and Conservation Hypertext Book" by Peter Bryant, National Bibliographic Information Infrastructure

Global Warming, Global Warming International Center , Pew Center on Global Climate Change

The End of Petroleum, The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas,
National Geographic Article

Social Disintegration and Collapse, Die Off, UC Atlas of Income Inequality

Other Interests

Acoustic Blues Links, Country Blues Radio, Ari Eisinger's Blues Message Board, Roy Book Binder's Web Page, Ernie Hawkins's Web Page

Conservation Organizations

The Audubon Society

The Great Ape Project

The Nature Conservancy

The Wildlands Project

Evolution and (anti) Creationism

History of theories about the age of the earth.

Great web site about the history of life on earth.

Evolution links.

Questions and Answers about evolution.


Ecological Economics

Environmental Ethics

Environmental Science and Policy

Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions

Government and Policy: Environment and Planning C

Handbook of Ecological Concepts

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues

Structural Change and Economic Dynamics

Evolutionary Economics Land Economics

Review of Income and Wealth

Review of Social Economy