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Professor John M. Gowdy

Offices Held and Other Appointments

President-Elect, International Society for Ecological Economics, 2008-2010, I will assume the role of President in 2010.

Treasurer and Board member, International Society for Ecological Economics, 2006 – 2008.

Expert Reviewer, World Bank, to review the report, Integrated Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) August/ September 2006.
FORMAS Panel – Served as Chair of an international panel to review grant proposals for the Swedish research agency FORMAS in the areas of biological science and sustainability, Stockholm, September 2005.

President, United States Society for Ecological Economics, 2002-2003.

Environmental Protection Agency, Science Advisory Board, Section on Environment and Engineering, 2001-present

Expert Reviewer, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Third Assessment Report. 2001, 2003

Recent Award and Grants

National Science Foundation, Dissertation Improvement Grant for Ph. D. student Marsha Walton,
“Doctoral Dissertation Research in DRMS: An Investigation of the Effect of Public Deliberation on Environmental Preferences” 2005-2006, $12,000.

Research Grant to visit University of Tokushima, Japan, March 2005. $2,000.

Leverhulme Distinguished Professor award to visit the University of Leeds, UK, Fall 2004, £26,000.

Research Grant from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “A Pilot Project to Construct a SAM for a Small Village in Nigeria”, $13,000 (with Stephen Onyeiwu), Spring and Summer, 2001.

National Science Foundation / DAAD “Regional Sustainability: Bridging Resource Conservation and Economic Development,” $13,000 plus 36,000DM over two years, awarded November 2000 (with Jon Erickson and Irene Ring).

United Ventures LLC “Hudson Waterfront Development Project - Economic Impact Study” (with Jon Erickson) $36,000, awarded November 2000.

Hudson River Foundation,” Modeling and Measuring the Process and Consequences of Land Use Change: Case Studies in the Hudson River Watershed” (with Jon Erickson and Karin Limburg) $296,000, Summer 2000-Summer 2003.

Strategic Investment Grant from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “Information Technology, Economics, and Regional Sustainable Development” (with Jon Erickson) Fall 2000.

Member of Editorial Boards

African Journal of Economic Research (since 2006)

Ecological Economics (since 1994)                               

Environmental Ethics (term for 1995-2005)

Environmental Science and Policy (since March 2001)

Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions (since February 2004)

Government and Policy: Environment and Planning C (since 2000)

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology (since 1999)

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (since 1998)

Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (since 1997)

Handbook of Ecological Concepts, (since 2003)

Recent Presentations  

“Climate Change and Economic Development Policy” Keynote Address, Pakistan Society for
Development Economics, Islamabad, Pakistan, March 11-13, 2008.

“Risk Analysis and Climate Change Policy: A New Direction for welfare Economics?”
Autonomous University, Barcelona, Spain, February 2008.

“Behavioral Research and Economic Policy” Opening Keynote Address, Conference on Linking
Behavioral Research to Energy-Related Decision-Making, Albany New York, December 5-6, 2007, sponsored by the New York State Energy Research Development Authority. 

“Economic Valuation of the Environment: Discounting What?” Workshop on Nature
Conservation Economics, Vilm, Germany, October 10-13, 2007.

“Real Human Behavior and Climate Change Policy” Keynote address, Australia/New Zealand
Ecological Economics Society, Noosa Heads Resort, Queensland, Australia, July 2007.

“The Economics and Politics of Global Warming” Keynote Earth Day address, Wells College,
Aurora, New York April 2007.

“Behavioral Economics and Sustainability,” Keynote Address, Association for Social Economics, Chicago, January 2007.

“Georgescu-Roegen and the Future of Ecological Economics” Invited Panel member, International Society for Ecological Economics, New Delhi, India, December 2006.

“The Utility Theory of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen” Max Planck Institute, Jena, Germany March 2006.

“Cost-Benefit Analysis and Sustainability” EPA Panel on sustainability and cost-benefit analysis, Washington, D.C. December 4, 2005

“Input-Output Analysis as an Alternative to Neoclassical Production Theory ” 9th International Input-Output Conference, Beijing, June 2005.

"Economic Theory and Biodiversity Valuation", SUNY Albany, Graduate Program in Biodiversity Policy, February 2005.

“Environment Policy and the Changing Face of Welfare Economics” December 13, 2004 – U.K. Environmental Protection Agency, London.

“Actors and Institutions – New Directions in Evolutionary Economics” December 7, 2004 – Research Seminar Series, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds.

“Evolutionary Theory and Economic Policy” December 4, 2004—Max Planck Institute, Jena, Germany , Workshop on Evolutionary Concepts in Economics and Biology.

“The Revolution in Welfare Economics and its Implications for Environmental Valuation” October 26, 2004 – Leverhulme Lecture II, University of Leeds.

“Experimental Economics and the Theory of the Firm” October 22, 2004 – University of Nottingham , Interdisciplinary Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility.

“Experimental Economics and Environmental Policy” October 20, 2004 – University of Hertfordshire.

“Towards Sustainable Consumption: The Role of Endogenous Preferences” October 5, 2004 – Leverhulme Lecture I, University of Leeds.

“Welfare Economics and Environmental Valuation,” Canadian Society for Ecological Economics, Jasper, Alberta, October 2003.

"Valuing Biodiversity: Recent Breakthroughs in Economic Theory” SUNY - Albany Graduate Program in Biodiversity Policy, March 2003.

“An Integrated Assessment of Economy-Environment-Land Use in the Hudson River Valley” Department of Economics Seminar, Sienna College, March 2003.

“After the New Welfare Economics: Can Ecological Economics fill the Void?” Lecture Series in Ecological Economics, University of Vermont, February 2003.

“The Revolution in Welfare Economics and its Implications for Environmental Valuation,” Plenary Lecture, Frontiers 2, European Society for Ecological Economics, Tenerife, Spain, February 2003.

“Welfare Economics and Environmental Valuation” University of Vermont, September 2002.

“The Value of Biodiversity Valuation,” Workshop on the Ecology and Economics of Nature Protection (Ökonomie des Naturschutzes), International House, Sonnenberg, Harz, Germany, May 2002.

“The Approach of Ecological Economics,” UmweltForschungsZentrum (UFZ), Leipzig, Germany , May 2002.

“Fairness and Retaliation in a Rural Nigerian Village,” Meeting of the International Society for Ecological Economics, Souse, Tunisia, March 2002 (with Raluca Iorgulescu).

“Socio- Economic Factors Impeding Sustainability: The Case of Nauru,” Research Center for Worldwide Business, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, February 2001.

“Ecological Economics and Environmental Education: Regional Case Studies,” International Society for Ecological Economics, Canberra, Australia July 2000.

“Economic Man, Game Theory and Environmental Policy,” Vienna, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, June 2000.

“Evolutionary Economics” Zürich, Faculty of Life Sciences and Artificial Intelligence, University of Zürich, May 2000.

“Economic Man and Weak Sustainability,” Regional Research Institute, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, January 2000.

Thesis Supervision

Masters Theses

Nicholas Adamou, “A Keynesian Model of Trade for an Open Economy,” 1983.

Rodrigo Navia, “Energy Demand Analysis for the Industrial Sector in Columbia,” 1984.

Klaus Hubacek, “Social Discourse Processes and Economic Incentive Measures used for the Establishment of the National Park Neusidler See-Seewinkel,” August 1998.

Sigrid Stagl, “On the Importance of Cooperation for Ecological Economics,” August 1998.

Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell, “Economic behavior and Environmental Policy: The Contributions of Ecological Economics,” August 1998.

Melinda Kane, “Community Ecological-Economic Development,” August 1999.

Chris Paskewitz, “The Effect of Gender Equality on Economic Growth,” December 2001.

Andy Bahn, “The Evolution of the Human Economy as a Complex, Adaptive Mechanism,” May 2002.

Raluca Iorgulescu, “Globalization and Institutions in a Rural Nigerian Village,” May 2002

Doctoral Dissertations

Nicholas Adamou, “Structural Analysis and the Analysis of Structural Change: An Input- Output approach,” Managerial Economics, 1988.

Hugh McCallister, “Hyman Minsky’s Financial Fragility Hypothesis: A Post-Korean War Investigation,” managerial Economics, 1990.

John Martin, “ U.S. Demand for Primary Metals: An Input-Output Approach,” Urban and Environmental Studies, 1991.

Peg Olsen, “Environmental Policy in Lake George, New York: An Ecological Economic Analysis,” Urban and Environmental Studies, 1991.

Klaus Hubacek, “The Role of Land in Economic Development: A Structural Approach to Sustainability,” Ecological Economics, December 2000.

Joshua Frank, “Companion Animals as Economic Goods: Minimizing the Cost of Unwanted Animals,” Ecological Economics, May 2001.

Mariko Hara, “Measuring Positive Externalities in Japanese Rice Production: A Hedonic Price Analysis,” Ecological Economics, December 2002.

Surendra Devkota, “Sustainable Development in Nepal: A Structural Approach,” May 2003.

Ada Ferrer Carbonell, “Consumption, Behavior and the Environment: Theoretical, Empirical, and Policy Dimensions,” Ecological Economics, August 2003.

Raluca Iorgulescu, “Globalization, Institutions, and Development: Essays in Economic Evolution,” December 2003.

Quentin Duroy, “Ecological Economics and Energy,” December 2003.

Marsha Walton, “Preferences, Sustainability, and Environmental Preservation: The Case of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,” December 2005.

Mary Ellen Mallia, "The Influence of Companion Animals on the Subjective Well-Being of the Elderly," Spring 2006.

Deborah Nazon, "Toward a Dynamic Economic Theory and Policy Framework for Brownfields development," Spring 2006.

Jaimie Radesi, "Community-Based Agriculture and Subjective Well-Being" Spring 2006.

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