Summer in Norway

It is not only the net that is used for surfing!

Winter in Utah

Skiing with Inger (my wife) at Powder Mountain

Never too old ?!

Indoor games

Did you know that the estimated number of Chess games are 10 to the power of 100 but for Go it is 10 to the power of 700!

That's why computers ( i.e. IBM's Deep Blue ) can compete with Kasparov ( 4-2 in his favour ), the world chess champion, but can not beat me, a rather weak player, at Go.

I wrote this in 1996,now in 1998 things have changed, Deep Blue beat Kasparov and I have a go progam called Handtalk, written by a chineese professor Chen Zxing, that are on my level (roughly 5 kiu)

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