Welcome to the website of Prof. Daniel Gall's Thin Films and Nanostructures Laboratory at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In our research, we take atoms from the vapor phase and put them on surfaces to create new nanostructured functional materials. For example, we build nanopipe arrays for high-throughput gas purification, corrosion resistant nanoscale catalyst support structures for fuel cells, nanoporous self-lubricating hard coatings for high-temperature bearings in fuel-efficient jet-engines and gas-turbines, nanospring pressure-sensor arrays for sensitive robot skins, and high-conductivity Cu nanowires for interconnection in future 3-dimensional computer chips.


We invite you to visit our web-site, contact us by email, and come visit us in person. We are interested in collaborative research efforts and always look for motivated students to join our team! Prof. Gall's office is in the Materials Research Center (MRC 204) and we have various award-winning posters that show more of our research in the hallway around MRC 130.



Group meeting, fall 2015



Group hike, summer 2013


Group meeting, fall 2013



Group meeting, fall 2012



Group lunch, spring 2011


Group hike, summer 2008



Group dinner, fall 2007