Jon Finke – Biography


 From the Paper

Jon Finke graduated from Rensselaer in 1983 with a BS-ECSE. After stints doing communications programming for PCs and later general networking development on the mainframe, he then inherited the Simon project, which has been his primary focus for the past 12 years. He is currently a Senior Systems Programmer in the Networking and Telecommunications department at Rensselaer, where he continues integrating Simon with the rest of the Institute information systems. When not playing with computers, you can often find him building or renovating houses for Habitat for Humanity, as well as merging a pair of adjacent row houses into one. Reach him via USMail at RPI;VCC 319;110 8th St; Troy, NY 12180-3590. Reach him electronically at .Find out more via˜finkej .


More Informal Biography

Professionally, Jon is an Oracle Applications Developer, primarily integrating campus information systems with each other and managing the flow of data.  This grew out of the Simon project which is used to manage computer accounts, white pages (telephone directory) DNS information, accounting, systems configuration and other things.  Many of these projects have been discussed in past LISA (and other conference) papers.  In general, Jon is always looking for better ways to get systems to talk, and that usually involves a database.


On a non professional level (which means he doesn’t get paid for it), Jon is active with Habitat for Humanity, serving as treasurer of his local affiliate, after a long stint as chairman of the building committee.  This has required learning a lot more about accounting than most people would admit.  He still gets to play with power tools, by designing and installing heating systems in habitat house.


On a personal level, Jon is still playing with power tools – at present building a bridge between two brick row houses in Troy.  This involves all aspects of construction and provides a good excuse to get more and more tools!  He is joined in this project with his girlfriend Joyce, and by a fat black cat named Cross Check.


Presentation Note

Although Jon has done a number of LISA talks in the past, this is the first time using a laptop.  A borrowed laptop…