Questions on Graham ch 1-2

1) pp. 2-4 Why does Graham say that the USSR's inability to benefit from its technological start is one of the "riddles of Soviet History?"

2) pp. 4-6 How did his political interests develop in Palchinsky's youth? pp. 8-10 What role did the assignment in coal mining operations play?

3) pp. 10-14 How did Kropotkin influence Palchinsky?

4) pp. 15-20 How did Nona and Peter attempt to live anarchist ideals through their marriage?

5) pp. 26-32 How did Palchinsky both oppose and colaborate with the Bolsheviks?

6) pp. 33-34 How did Palchinsky's critique of the Soviet energy industry typify his view? pp. 34 35 What did he mean by "regional planning?"

7) pp. 37-39 How did Palchinsky differ from the Soviet leaders on the concepts of "Taylorizm" and "Fordizm?"

8) pp. 41-47 How did Stalin's political activities conflict with Palchinsky's?