Engineering in Global Perspective (Comparative Studies 294)

Dr. Ron Eglash
Division of Comparative Studies, Ohio State University
308 Dulles Hall, 230 West Seventeenth Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: (614) 292-2559
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Course Syllabus

Comments, suggestions, and feedback

Week 1

Notes on biocultural basis of human behavior

Notes on intro to anthro

Notes on social studies of knowledge

Notes on social construction of technology,

Week 2

questions on Bucciarelli chapters 1-2

questions on Bucciarelli chapters 3-4

Week 3

questions on Bucciarelli chapters 5,7

questions on David Nobel

Notes on materialist analysis of technology, environment, and society

Week 4

questions on Honda and Hayashi

questions on Bhasavanich

Week 5

questions on Swezy and Faber

questions on Toledo and Gleissman

Week 6

questions on Graham ch 1-2

Notes on Soviet engineering disasters

questions on Graham ch 4-5

Week 7

Notes on epistemological issues in African Studies

Week 8

questions on Bodker and Ehn

Notes on Scandanivian history

Notes on Scandanivian participatory design

questions on Cole

Notes on ancient history of India

Notes on pre-modern to modern history of India

questions on Goonatilake