Faye Duchin, Professor of Economics
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Department of Economics
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Faye Duchin Portrait

Structural Economics
Measuring Change in Technology, Lifestyles, and the Environment

by Faye Duchin

In all societies, the main causes of environmental degradation are resource extraction and the generation of wastes by households and industries. Realistic strategies for mitigating these impacts require an understanding both of the technologies by which resources are transformed into products and of the lifestyle choices that shape household use of such products.

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The Future of the Environment
Ecological Economics & Technological Change

by Faye Duchin and Glenn-Marie Lange

One of the most important and complex problems facing both developing and industrialized nations is how to sustain economic growth without harming the environment. Faye Duchin and Glenn-Marie Lange address this issue in a practical and realistic way: through a detailed evaluation of the well-known approach to sustainable development outlined in the Brundtland Report, Our Common Future.

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