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Welcome to the home page for Garance Alistair Drosehn. I work as a Senior Systems Programmer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY.

If you're thinking "My, that's an unusual name!", or "How does a guy end up with the name of Garance?", then check here for the background/history of my name.


Music (CD's), books, programming, Macs (MacOS 10 in particular), Physics (lasers in particular), Archeology (Israeli in particular), and a number of other things as time permits. I generally run out of time long before I run out of interests.

I'm particularly fascinated with programming languages. As of December 2015, the programming languages I'm the most interested in include: Ruby, RubyMotion (ruby for iOS, Android, and MacOS 10), Crystal-lang (a new compiled version of Ruby), D-lang, Clojure (a lisp-like functional programming language), and Apple's new Swift language  (which is not the same as this Swift Parallel Scripting Language!).  And if I had more time, there are more languages that I would look into.

Favorite Bible passages: Daniel 2:28, with Job chapters 38 & 39 close behind. After that, Proverbs is always a good source of observations.


One of my main responsibilities at RPI is printing, and thus I have a lot of projects I've done with things like lpd/lpr and CAP. Sometime I'll write up some more web-page information on these...

Another major area that I work on is support for our OpenAFS filesystem cell.

Another area of work responsibilities has been MacOS support, for many years. In the early 1990's, I also handled NeXTSTEP support on the RPI campus. NeXTSTEP was the basis for what is now called MacOS 10, and I am happy to use MacOS 10 both in the office and at home.

Starting in October of 2000, I have been one of the committers to the FreeBSD project. I mainly work on some system-utilties, such as lpr and newsyslog, as time permits. I also follow OpenBSD, and run it on a few of my machines. I am also interested in what is happening with the new (as of July 2003) DragonflyBSD, but that project has just started up so I am only watching it. I used to have some test systems which ran BeOS. The company named "Be, Inc" ran out of money many years ago, so BeOS is stuck at revision 5. However, there was an OpenBeOS project, which was eventually renamed to be the Haiku OS project, which is trying to recreate BeOS as an open-source project. That project started started in August of 2001. I do not do anything with Haiku, but it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Here at work, I am also responsible for some servers which are running Redhat Enterprise Linux. As you can probably guess, I greatly prefer open-source operating systems.

One side-project I worked on back in 2001->2003 was something I called "Simple Cool Admin Tool To Everywhere Run-Something", or "SCATTERS". For more information on what this is, check here.

Many years ago, there were a few NeXTSTEP applications that I worked on from time-to-time. These were not work-related. For more details on them (all of which are now ancient history), check here.

Obviously I do not update this web page very often...

Where I'd rather be:

Off in a forest somewhere. I prefer woods (forests) to buildings, roads, and all the other stuff that cities are made of. I'd like a nice house in those woods, of course, but I think I would like my closest neighbor to be somewhere between half-a-mile and two miles away. I would also want a very high-speed network connection into that house, of course!


Just your average boring knurd. And I really prefer the spelling of "knurd", by the way, and not the hollywood-spelling of "nerd". Note that "knurd" is "drunk" spelled backwards. That's the spelling I learned when I first arrived at RPI (many years ago), and that is the spelling that I am sticking with!

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