Selected Publications by Joyce Johnson Diwan

Diwan, J.J., Paliwal, R., Kaftan, E., and Bawa, R.(1990) "A mitochondrial protein fraction catalyzing transport of the K+ analog Tl+," FEBS Letters 273: 215-218.

Paliwal, R., Costa, G., and Diwan, J. J. (1992) "Purification and patch clamp analysis of a 40 pS channel from rat liver mitochondria," Biochemistry 31: 2223-2229.

Murphy, R. C., Diwan, J. J., King, M., and Kinnally, K. W. (1998) "Two high conductance channels of the mitochondrial inner membrane are independent of the human mitochondrial genome," FEBS Letters 425: 259-262.

H. Roy, J. Diwan, L. D. Segel, and I. H. Segel (2001) “Computer-Assisted Simulations of Phosphofructokinase-1 Kinetics Using Simplified Velocity Equations” Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 29: 3-9.

H. A. Traver, M. J. Kalsher, J. J. Diwan, & J. T. Warden (2001) “Student reactions and learning: Evaluation of a biochemistry course that uses Web technology and student collaboration,” Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 29: 50-53.

Diwan, J. J. "Biochemistry of metabolism: Instructional materials for a studio-format course," (accessible via the World Wide Web since 2000; Reviewed by MERLOT in 2003 & 2004)

Summary of Scholarly Activities

    I have created (but no longer update) an integrated package of computer-based learning tools for teaching biochemistry of metabolism in a studio format. The Biochemistry of Metabolism web site includes lecture notes with diagrams and animations, interactive self-study quizzes, references to recent review articles, and instructions and data files for studio exercises. Some studio exercises use Chime to explore protein structure/function relationships. Others involve data analysis and/or problem solving. This project was supported by a Strategic Initiatives Grant from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a grant from the National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education, and a grant from the Basic Biosciences Minigrants Foundation.

    I previously carried out research characterizing the kinetics and reagent-sensitivity of K+ and Mg++ transport into mitochondria, using radioisotope tracers. While attempting to purify ion channels from mitochondrial membranes, patch clamping and fluorescent probes were used to detect and characterize activities of reconstituted preparations.

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