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Group Photo May 2017

Left to Right: Guangyu Hu, James Buchwald, Boris Kramar, Jane Edgington, Justin Martin, Louis Ayensu-Mensah, Julian DuPont, Nate Anderson, Shangshang Cao, William Arthur, Jeremy Amdur, and Prof. Dinolfo.

Group Photo Dec 9, 2015

Left to Right: Marissa Civic, Zhaorui Huang, Tyler LeBlond, Eliot Woods, James Buchwald, Louis Ayensu-Mensah, Jeremy Amdur, Jeffrey Galczynski, Nate Anderson, and Peter Dinolfo.

Salve Regina Univ., Newport, RI - Aug 7, 2014

2014 Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions GRC - Salve Regina University, Newport, RI
Left to Right: Evan Beauvillers (alumni), Michael Topka, Peter Dinolfo, and Marissa Civic.

Group Photos Dec 12, 2012

Left to Right: Rob Fimognari, Laura Donovan, Marissa Civic, Carolyn Buckley, Subhadeep Kal, Michael Topka, James Buchwald, and Peter Dinolfo.

Left to Right: Peter Dinolfo, Rob Fimognari, Marissa Civic, Laura Donovan, Michael Topka, Subhadeep Kal, Carolyn Buckley, and James Buchwald.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Subhadeep Kal and Peter Dinolfo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy (May 12, 2012).

Dinolfo Group Party - Dec 2011

Left to Right: James Buchwald, Peter Dinolfo, Thomas Fauvell, Michael Topka, Evan Beauvilliers, Peter Palomaki, Subhadeep Kal, Kallie Powers, Alex Krawicz, and Carolyn Buckley.

Dinolfo Group Party - May 2010

Left to Right: Peter Dinolfo, Subhadeep Kal, Thomas Fauvell, Peter Palomaki, Tycho Spadaro, Alex Krawicz, Kallie Powers, Matt Leonardi, Melissa Clark, and Michael Topka.

The Dinolfo Group - Sept 2009

Left to Right: Alex Krawicz, Peter Palomaki, Thomas McGrath, Thomas Fauvell, Matt Leonardi, Tycho Spadaro, Stephen Thomas, Subhadeep Kal, and Peter Dinolfo.

The Dinolfo Group - Oct 2008

Left to Right: Stephen Thomas, Erik Townsend, Peter Palomaki, Alex Krawicz and Peter Dinolfo. Photo taken at the opening ceremonies for the Baruch ’60 Center for Biochemical Solar Energy Research, Oct 31, 2008.

Peter P., Peter D. and Alex at the Eastern Regional Photosynthetic Conference, Woods Hole, MA, April 2008

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