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Dinolfo Group Members

Graduate Students

Nate Anderson

  • BA Biochemistry, 2014 - University of Minnesota, Morris
  • Joined Fall 2014
  • PhD candidate in Chemistry
  • Co-advised by Prof. Xing Wang

Louis Ayensu-Mensah

  • Joined Fall 2013
  • MS candidate in Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry, 2013 - St. Norbert College


Guangyu Hu

  • Joined Spring 2017
  • MS candidate in Materials Science & Engineering
  • BS Materials Science & Engineering, 2016 - South China University of Technology

Undergraduate Students

Jane Edgington

  • RPI, Class of 2018 - Chemical Engineering
  • Joined Spring 2016

Boris Kramar

  • RPI, Class of 2018 - Chemistry
  • Joined Spring 2016

William Arthur

  • RPI, Class of 2018 - Electrical Engineering
  • Joined Fall 2016

Shangshang Cao

  • RPI, Class of 2019 - Chemical Engineering
  • Joined Fall 2016

Kevin Hoover

  • RPI, Class of 2018 - Chemical Engineering
  • Joined Spring 2017

Group Alumni

Graduate Students

Degree, Years in group

Current Location

James Buchwald Ph.D., 2011-2017 Lockheed Martin
Marissa Civic Ph.D., 2011-2016 SUNY Binghamton
Michael Topka Ph.D., 2009-2014  
Subhadeep Kal Ph.D., 2008-2014 Tokyo Electron, CNSE Albany, NY
Alexandra Krawicz Ph.D., 2007-2012 SI Group
Peter Palomaki Ph.D., 2007-2012 Palomaki Consulting
Tycho Spadaro M.S., 2008-2012 The Doane Stuart School


Degree, Years in group

Grad School - Current Location

Justin Martin B.S. Chem. Eng., 2013-2015 RPI Class of 2018
Tyler LeBlond B.S Chemistry, M.S. Physics, 2016-2017 Penn State Univ, Dept. of Physics
M. Jeremy Amdur B.S. Chemistry, 2014-2017 Northwestern University, Dept. of Chemistry
  Julian DuPont Spring 2017 RPI Class of 2019
  Michaela Burnley Summer 2016 RPI Class of 2018
Eliot Woods B.S. Chemistry, 2013-2016 Northwestern University, Dept. of Chemistry
  Jeffrey Galczynski Summer 2015 RPI Class of 2018
Jun Jie (Josh) Lin B.S. Chem. Eng., 2013-2015  
Zhaorui (Matt) Huang B.S. Chemistry, 2013-2015 Stanford University, Dept. of Chemistry
Ian deJoode B.S. Chemistry, 2013-2015 Washington State Univ, Dept. of Chemistry
Samantha Donovan B.S. Chemistry, 2013-2015 Arizona State Univ., Dept. of Chemistry
Mark Straub B.S. Chemistry, 2012-2014 Univ. of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Chemistry
Rob Fimognari B.S. Chemistry, 2012-2014 Univ. of Texas at Austin, Dept. of Chemistry
Carolyn Buckley B.S. Chemistry, 2011-2013 Georgia Tech, Dept. of Chemistry
Laura Donovan B.S. Chemistry, 2011-2013
Evan Beauvilliers B.S. Chemistry, 2010-2012 Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Dept. of Chemistry
Kallie Powers B.S. Chemistry, 2010-2012 Northwestern Univ, Dept. of Chemistry
Melissa Clark B.S. Chemistry, 2010-2012 U. of California San Diego, Dept. of Chemistry
Thomas Fauvell B.S. Chemistry, 2009-2011 E-Ink Corp, Northwestern Univ, Dept. of Chemistry
Matthew Leonardi B.S. Chemistry, 2009-2011 Northwestern Univ, Dept. of Chemistry
Thomas McGrath B.S. Chemistry, 2009-2010  
Stephen Thomas B.S. Chemistry, 2007-2010 Columbia Univ, Dept. of Chemistry
Erik Townsend B.S. Chemistry, 2008-2009 MIT, Dept. of Chemistry

  Last updated Sept 10, 2017.