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Dinolfo Group - Laboratory Tour

Synthesis Lab

Synthetic chemical fume hoods with custom made Schlenk lines for anhydrous and air-free chemistry.

MBraun glovebox for anhydrous and air-free chemistry.

Vacuum Atmospheres closed loop recirculation solvent purification system for anhydrous and air-free solvents.

Chemical fume hood for substrate cleaning and surface modification.

Spectroscopy Lab

Perkin-Elmer LAMBDA 950 UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometery.

Horiba FluoroLog3-21 modular spectrofluorometer with cooled PMT detector for enhanced sensitivy. Combined with CH Instruments 1220 potentiostat and Thorlabs Power meter for photocurrent action spectra.

Bio-Rad Excalibur FTIR spectrometer with liquid N2 cooled MCT detector and Harrick Scientific VariGATR Grazing Angle Accessory for surface IR analysis.

Agilent 8453 diode-array UV-Vis spectrophotometer with Julabo temperature controller for variable temperature absorption spectra.

Electrochemistry Lab

CH Instruments 440A potentiostat for general electrochemistry and EQCM.

Princeton Applied Research 263A potentiostat and 5210 lock-in amplifier for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

Pine Research Instrumentation WaveDriver 20 biopotentiostat and Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode setup for electrocatalytic studies.

GOW-MAC Series 350 Gas Chromatograph equipped with molecular sieve columns for analysis of gasseous products of electrocatalysis.


A-Team student office.

C-Team student office.

Linux cluster for computational chemistry.

Exercise equipment.

  Last updated May 15, 2014.