Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Research Center
Room 245 (Lab) and Room 211 (Office)
Troy, New York 12180-3522

Chen Group Photo 5/8/2015 ChenGroup

Our group studies a variety of fundamental problems in materials science, materials physics, solid mechanics, and metallurgy, using both experiments and mesoscale modeling techniques, with a focus on nanoscale structural design for achieving novel properties and optimizing material property sets.

We are particularly interested in multifunctional smart materials such as shape memory materials and ferromagnetic materials for energy and defense applications. Our research focuses on developing thorough understanding of the effects of microstructural heterogeneities, interfaces, defects, and small length scales on the behaviors or cross properties of these complex materials, as well as materials and microstructure design for optimal properties.

We are also interested in nanocrystalline structural materials and nanomechanics. The ultimate goal is to develop nanomaterials with high strength, toughness, and stability. We will be using both nanomechanical characterization tools and mesoscale modeling techniques to study the microstructure-property relations at nanoscales.

Recent News in Our Group
  • We bid farewell to Harlan Grossman and Lily Yan. Both of them have worked in our lab since their freshmen year. We wish them all the best.
  • Dr. Chen is co-organizing a symposium on interfaces at MRS fall meeting.
  • We congratulate Rebecca Dar for having successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis!
  • We bid farewell to Matt Miller, who graduated with a Master's degree, and Tom Rebbecchi, who graduated with a B.S. degree, at the DMSE commencement dinner, when Tom also received the excellence award.
  • At the ASM International-Eastern NY Spring Meeting, Professor Chen delivered a keynote presentation entitled "Shape Memory Alloys and Ceramics", and Tom Rebbecchi was awarded the prestigious ASM Undergraduate Scholarship.
2015 Fall
  • Zhanyang Chen's poster was selected as the MRS Best Poster Nominee at the fall MRS meeting in Boston.
  • Tom Rebbecchi has been awarded the Rensselaer DMSE Undergraduate Research Fellowship!
  • Lily Yan won a poster award in the Joint ASM/CDMMS 2015 Materials Poster/Micrograph Contest.
  • Lily Yan and Tom Rebbecchi have received the prestigious Founders Award of Excellence. "The Founders Award is given to only 1% of RPI students who embody qualities of creativity, discovery, leadership, and the values of pride and responsibility at Rensselaer. "
2015 Spring
  • Professor Chen receives ASM International–Eastern NY 2015 Alfred H. Geisler Memorial Award. Lily won the ASM Eastern NY Chapter Undergraduate Scholarship. Tom and Zhanyang were inducted to the Alpha Sigma Mu Honor Society.
  • Our group delivered three oral presentations at TMS annual spring meeting in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Chen gave a presentation titled "Coupled Kinetic Monte Carlo-Finite Element Mesoscale Simulation of Reversible Thermoelastic Martensitic Transformations". Rebecca gave a talk titled "Electron Backscatter Diffraction and Nanoindentation Studies of Dual-Phase Polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloys". Zhanyang's talk was titled "Mesoscale Modeling of Microstructure Evolution in Graded Nanocrystalline Materials".
  • Professor Ying Chen wins National Science Foundation-Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the Divison of Materials Research at NSF. This five-year grant will support integrated experimental and computational research on interface deformation and compatibility in shape memory materials, as well as a variety of education and outreach activities.
  • PhD student Rebecca Cioffi gave a presentation titled "Grain Boundary Engineering of Polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloys by Introducing Strain-Accommodating Intergranular Precipitates" at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall 2013 Meeting in Boston, MA. While at the conference, Rebecca was also interviewed by MRS TV about her research!
  • Undergraduate student Andrew Lauer won Rensselaer's Founders Award of Excellence. Only about one percent of Rensselaer's student population are honored earch year as winners of this extremely prestigious award!