T.J. Kaczynski: Boundary functions for bounded... Boundary functions for bounded harmonic functions.
T.J. Kaczynski
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 137:203-209.
A function p(e) defined on the unit circle is a boundary function for a function f(z) defined in the unit disk provided for each e, f(z) has the limit p(e) at e along some curve lying in the unit disk and having one endpoint at e. Any two boundary functions for the same function f differ at only countably many points by the ambiguous-point theorem of Bagemihl; and a boundary function for a continuous function differs from some function in the first Baire class at only countably many points. In answer to a question of Bagemihl and Piranian, the author constructs a bounded harmonic function having a boundary function that is not in the first Baire class. He shows that nevertheless the set of points of discontinuity of such a boundary function is a set of the first Baire category.
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