comics research bibliography: Marvel Comics

Based on the comics research bibliography, copyright 2002 by John Bullough and Michael Rhode.

[Raphael, Jordan and John F. Ronan]. 1995.
Miscellaneous news: Lapham signs [film] deal; Dark Horse restructures; Massive comics-oriented work published [by Bill Blackbeard]; CD-ROM news: Marvel, CIE; Fantasy Shop Inc. raises money for AIDS organization; A.P.E. III dates set; Kurtzman exhibit planned; Comics Legends Legal Defense Fund moves; Bitchy Bitch does X-Mas [play]; Gallery news.
Comics Journal (182; November): 24-25

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Alan Hanley; Crackerjack Crew.]
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Alan Hanley; James Shull.]
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Behind the scenes at Marvelmania.]
Marvelmania (6).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Beneath the Planet of the Apes review.]
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Campus comics club.]
Marvelmania (6).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Captain America movie serial.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Charlie Brown movie review.]
Marvelmania (2).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Comics club news, quizzes, news.]
Marvelmania (2).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Comics club news; quizzes, news.]
Marvelmania (3).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Comics Code.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Comics reviews; letters; news.]
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Don Newton as Captain America.]
Marvelmania (6).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Flash Gordon serials.]
Marvelmania (6).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Harlan Ellison and Joe Sinnott.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Harlan Ellison and the Hulk.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Joe Sinnott interview.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Marie Severin; Forbushman; Not Brand Echh.]
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Mike Royer profile.]
Marvelmania (2).

[Unknown.] 1970.
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Reviews of Marvel comics.]
Marvelmania (2).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Roy Thomas on Conan.]
Marvelmania (2).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Roy Thomas on Conan.]
Marvelmania (3).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Roy Thomas on Conan.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Science fiction in comics.]
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Science fiction.]
Marvelmania (6).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Spider-Man and spiders.]
Marvelmania (5).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Spider-Man strip; Stan Lee; John Romita.]
Marvelmania (3).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Spider-man strip; Stan Lee; John Romita.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Stan Lee.]
Marvelmania (6).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Thomas' and Adkins' Starhawk.]
Marvelmania (6).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Tony Isabella and The Avengers.]
Marvelmania (4).

[Unknown.] 1970.
[Tony Isabella; The Avengers.]
Marvelmania (2).

[Unknown.] 1991.
Marvel Comics [stock offering].
Washington Post (Jul 17):D2.

[Unknown.] 1991.
Stock offerings: Now he'll need a power tie [Marvel Comics' stock offering].
Time (Jul 8).

[Unknown.] 1992.
Marvel and Fleer agree: A merger is in the cards.
Washington Post (Jul 25).

[Unknown.] 1992.
X-men move from Marvel to Malibu [artists leaving].
Washington Times (Feb 20).

[Unknown.] 1993.
Investor Ron Perelman [increasing stake in Marvel].
Washington Post (Mar 23).

[Unknown.] 1994.
Building a new kids block [Marvel/Genesis superhero cartoon teamup].
Electronic Media 13(10; Mar 7):3.

[Unknown.] 1994.
Marvel Entertainment [hired Bruce Stein].
Washington Post (Jun 21).

[Unknown.] 1994.
Marvel Entertainment Group [bought Heroes World].
Washington Post (Dec 29):D12.

[Unknown.] 1994.
Marvel Entertainment Group [bought Malibu Comics].
Washington Post (Nov 4).

[Unknown.] 1995.
Marketing [Universal and Marvel Comics].
Amusement Business 107(16; Apr 16):7.

[Unknown.] 1996.
Marvel Entertainment [on the bankruptcy filing].
Washington Post (Dec 31).

[Unknown.] 1996.
Marvel Entertainment Group [on third quarter losses].
Washington Post (Nov 13).

[Unknown.] 1996.
Marvel Universe [review of book by P. Sanderson].
People Weekly 46(26; Dec 23):34.

[Unknown.] 1997.
Bankruptcy judge allows Marvel to suspend payments.
New York Times (Jun 6).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Battle for Marvel: Icahn gains victory.
Kansas City Star (Feb 26).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Business digest: Marvel Entertainment Group [bankruptcy].
Kansas City Star (Mar 8).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Business digest: Marvel Entertainment Group's bondholders.
Washington Post (Jun 21).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Business digest: Marvel Entertainment.
Washington Post (Mar 29).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Clash of the paper titans [Marvel Entertainment].
The Economist 342(Jan 4):69.

[Unknown.] 1997.
Corporate notes [Marvel bankruptcy].
Kansas City Star (Jan 23).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Marvel to drop Chapter 11 shield or look to liquidate.
Albany Times Union (Sep 13).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Marvel-lousy [Perelman, Icahn, Marvel Comics].
Economist 342(8008; Mar 15):75.

[Unknown.] 1997.
Talks continue for Marvel sale.
Albany Times Union (Aug 30).

[Unknown.] 1997.
Zap! Pow! Bam [Marvel Comics bankruptcy]!
Barron's (Mar 10):34.

A., J. [full name unknown]. 1996.
Marvel Universe by Peter Sanderson [review].
Washington Post Book World (Dec 8).

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Marvelmania (6).

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X-Men Visionaries Vol. 2: The Neal Adams Collection.
New York: Marvel Comics

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[Starhawk cover.]
Marvelmania (3).

Associated Press. 1992.
Martin Goodman, publisher of Marvel Comics, dies at 84.
Washington Post (Jun 13):B6.

Associated Press. 1996.
Planet Hollywood soars in initial offering [Marvel Mania restaurants].
Washington Post (Apr 10).

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War of the words [Marvel Comics, C. Icahn and R. Perelman].
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The Captain's chief: The original, genuine, Golden Age Captain Marvel, the World's Mightiest Mortal as remembered by C. C. Beck...
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The real Captain Marvel and the wonderful golden age of comics.
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Marvel Language: The Comic Book and Reality.
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[Excerpts from Marvel Family script never published].
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Claws unsheathed [Wolverine; Archie Goodwin; Howard Chaykin; Marvel Comics].
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Raves: Q-Tip [fan of Marvel Comics].
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Title wave [Marvel].
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Detente between the superpowers [Marvel and DC Present X-Men and New Teen Titans].
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Gambling on a modern Marvel.
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The Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book by Anne Picardo and Joe Giella [Book Review].
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American Comic Strip Collections 1884-1939: The Revolutionary Era by Dennis Gifford [Book Review].
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Marvel Strips Ceo; Buyout Artist Named.
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Pow! The punches that left Marvel reeling: Perelman-Icahn fight has pummeled investors.
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U.S. also uses AOL and [Marvel] comics to push its antidrug messages.
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Iron Mint! [Altoid advertisement using Marvel's Iron Man].
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Hype alone does not a superhero make [Marvel's Night Cat comics, movie and album].
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Return of the World's Mightiest Mortal [Captain Marvel].
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Marvel stops selling itself short. (August 18):

Colan, Gene. 1970.
[Cover; Submariner.]
Marvelmania (4).

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Dave "Blackhawk" Cockrum: The Marvel days of the co-creator of the New X-Men [interview].
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The Marvel strategy [New World Pictures].
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Meet Marvel's new boss.
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News Watch: Marvel gets a new suit; Book of comics-creator sketches stolen; NPO online actions on Ebay to benefit CBLDF.
Comics Journal (215; August): 40

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Joe Simon claims Cap [Captain America] copyright [from Marvel].
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[Back cover; unused Amazing Fantasy #15 cover].
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In move to control Marvel, Perelman enlists Perlmutter.
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Bits and bytes [Marvel's online 'Generation X' comic].
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Comic books: This Monet paints different picture of autism [Marvel's Generation X].
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Comics' superpower to turn season's movies into box-office gold: Hollywood raids DC's and Marvel's pantheons for their simple plots and boffo visuals.
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Thud! Marvel files bankruptcy.
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Perelman group to increase Marvel stake.
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Judge dismisses Icahn-led case against Perelman [on Marvel Comics].
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[back cover; Captain America and the Destroyer.]
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Marvel takes cue from its superheroes [for its movies].
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Marvel expands in 1984: Adds host of titles, including limited series and Epic Comics.
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Marvel launches computer comics.
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Marvel miscellania: Olshevsky indexes to appear in comic book form.
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Marvel raises rates for reprints; says original art to be returned.
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An origin trilogy: Only recently has the origin trilogy of Captain Marvel Junior received the long awaited recognition it deserves.
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Marvel Comic Book Unit Being Sold for $82.5 Million.
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It's clobberin' time again! Marvel Comics hopes Heroes Reborn will mean sales reborn.
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Cadence selling comic book, animation unit; New World Pictures to acquire Marvel.
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Perelman talking holdings public [Marvel Comics owner].
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Marvel Comics eyes merger with Toy Biz.
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Marvel bondholders win clearance to submit reorganization proposal.
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Marvel sues its banks, Perelman, Toy Biz holders over its collapse.
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Giant to the rescue [Marvel Comics stocks]?
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Anybody want a comics company [Marvel]?
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An agreement is reached in Marvel rift: Perelman to surrender control to bondholders.
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Bondholders planning to control Marvel by electing new board.
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Toy Biz ends deal to join with Marvel.
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Toy Biz ends its deal with Marvel bondholders.
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Toy Biz reaches agreement with Marvel's bondholders.
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It takes more than superheroes to sell comics [Marvel and DC attempt to appeal to younger children].
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