comics research bibliography: Editorial Cartoons

Based on the comics research bibliography, copyright 2002 by John Bullough and Michael Rhode.

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St. Petersburg Times criticized for firing its editorial cartoonist [Clay Bennett].
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Meeting speakers display even more cliched editorial cartoons.
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Newspaper apologizes: Sacramento Bee editor says the paper was wrong to run a cartoon containing the word 'nigger' [editorial cartoon, African-American issue].
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Overseas opinions offered at meeting: South African artists and international experts talk to editorial cartoonists at New Orleans convention.
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Priesthood [editorial] cartoon causes controversy [Oliphant].
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Cyberspace draws AAEC's attention: Editorial cartoonists hear about the pros and cons of making their work available to computer users.
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NFC speaker takes a look at the future [editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich].
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United starts web site on the Internet: The cyberspace area gives computer users access to comics, editorial cartoons, background info and more.
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The mail prerogative is losing popularity: Many editorial cartoons and a growing number of comics are being sent electronically to syndicates.
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(WWW Document URL: Date viewed: May26, 2000)

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Editorial cartoonist [Mickey Siporin is self-syndicating].
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Environmental work [full page editorial cartoon by W.B. Park].
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[Bob Greenberg] Will help LATS develop comics.
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[Editorial cartoonist Walt] Handelsman wins a Kennedy award.
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[Wayne Stroot editorial cartoon about Senator Kerry] Draws reaction.
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A bunch [of fans at booksigning] for Brady.
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Panelists discuss editorial cartooning in Mexico.
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Award winners [editorial cartoonist Mike Ramirez].
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Cartoon suit [about Mike Luckovich editorial cartoon on welfare reform] dismissed.
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Cartoonist dies [editorial cartoonist Randy Wicks].
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Cartoons offered [by editorial cartoonist Ed Fischer].
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Guv vs. [editorial] cartoonist [Chris Britt].
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Ohio State show [of Roy Peterson's editorial cartoons].
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Online cartoons ['Intoon with the News' by editorial cartoonist Mike Keefe on America Online].
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Prez draws Prez [editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich travels with President]
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