Nov.-Dec. 1966

Summary written by Lou Mougin (

"The Fifth Titan" (24 pages)
Editor: George Kashdan
Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Nick Cardy

Character Notes

Guest star: Beast Boy, the Doom Patrol
Villains: Baltzer, Vorna (intro for both)


Story features the Teen Titans (Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Aqualad).


When Beast Boy fails once again to join the Doom Patrol, he tries to enlist with the Teen Titans. Unfortunately, he learns he must gain consent from his guardian to do so, and knows that Galtry would never agree. Thus, Beast Boy joins the Great Baltzer's circus and uses his shape-shifting talents to become a performing sensation.

Unfortunately, both Balzer and his hypnotist crony, Vorna, are crooks. They place Beast Boy under a hypnotic command to become a white baboon, through whom Vorna relays his trance-commands to the audience. The crowd willingly give up their money and valuables while under hypnosis. The Teen Titans learn of the scam, assume the identities of the Masked Mazeppas, and join the circus as escape artists to learn the truth. Balzer learns the truth and uses the hypnotized Beast Boy to battle them, but he inadvertently frees Beast Boy from his spell. The teen hero nabs Balzer and Aqualad captures Vorna. Later, the Titans tell Beast Boy they will reconsider his application.

Reviewer Comments

Not the world's greatest story, but what could you expect from a mid-Sixties issue of TEEN TITANS? The DP's guest appearance was in character, though.

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