Superman Issue 20, "Doom in the Heartland"

Writer and Penciller: John Byrne
Inkers: Karl Kesel and John Byrne

written by William Sherman (

(This summary only covers events relevant to the Doom Patrol)

The DP fill Superman in on recent events, and Josh stays in KC with Rhea and Wayne in order to treat Rhea's injuries and have a talk with Wayne (who disappeared during the previous fight).

The others track down Metallo and Cliff, who have been fighting all this time. Metallo reasserts control over Cliff's body, and Superman solves the metaphorical Gordian knot by simply removing Cliff's head, destroying Metallo's advantage. Metallo tries to escape, and is caught by Scott, whose powers run out of control, superheating Metallo's body. Arani hits Metallo with a cold blast, shattering him instantly. Of course, Metallo's head is not found.

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