Issue 9, "It's Raining Plastic Men"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Erik Larsen
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

In the New Mexico desert, a horde of primary-colored plastic androids lands at a nuclear missile base and steals the missiles.

Arani is more obsessed than ever with finding the Chief.

In Washington, an elderly government official recognizes photos of the plastic men, and realizes that they represent a tremendous threat. He urges that the photos be made public, and when they are...

Cliff recognizes them (in the newspaper) as the creations of interstellar megalomaniac Garguax, an old foe of the DP. The DP get themselves to Arizona, to await another attack by the plastic men. Right on cue, they arrive and the DP can't stop them. In fact, they almost manage to kidnap Cliff, but Rhea and the others manage to save his upper half.

After the fight, back at HQ, the team discovers that Larry is missing. He's on his way to Louisiana, but they don't know that.

This issue also contains the following "Bonus Book":

"A Life in the Day"

Writer: Steve Miller
Penciller: Randy DuBurke
Inker: Joe Adiletta

Arani is moping after Niles, and meets an old woman in a wheelchair. This woman, Ellen, tries to cheer Arani up by taking her to lunch and a baseball game. They run into a fire, and Arani saves some people. Afterwards, Ellen urges Arani to go and talk to the people, but Arani can't stand dealing with them. Later, Ellen simply nods off and dies (as she had told Arani she would), admonishing her to enjoy life more. It's pretty sappy, IMHO.

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