Issue 8, "The Morning After"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Erik Larsen
Inker: Gary Martin

written by William Sherman (

The Doom Patrol is assisting the Kansas City police in the search for Shrapnel.

A sinister-looking fellow named Mr. Benjamin bribes a member of the city council, telling him to oppose the presence of the DP in KC. He then organizes a picket-line in front of DP HQ (also in KC).

Larry and Valentina argue about the Negative Being.

Shrapnel enters an office building and kills an old acquaintance named Walter Williamson. This, it seems, was the contract which brought Shrapnel to KC. On the way out of the building, he is stopped by the entire DP, and defeats them (wow!).

After the fight, Cliff learns from the police that Wayne is wanted in connection with the deaths at the mall, and confronts Wayne about it.

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