Issue 72: "The Prince and Princess of Desire"

Cover Date: November, 1993

Rachel Pollack - writer
Linda Medley - penciller
Tom Sutton - inker
Stuart Chaifetz - colorist
John Workman - letterer
Lou Stathis - editor
Tom Taggart - cover artist

Dorothy gains the Wild Girls' acceptance by telling them stories. Convinced that she has found a sense of community that seems to be lacking in the current incarnation of the Doom Patrol, she joins the Crow and the Wild Girls in their war against the Fox. They prepare for their next battle by stealing "objects of desire" (i.e. spray paint, masking tape, kitchen knives, chain link, etc.) from a furniture store. The police arrive, and Dorothy fends them off with her imaginary friends. When Dorothy and the Wild Girls return to the woods, the Wild Girls dress Dorothy in animal skins and a feather headdress and apply war paint to her face.

Meanwhile, convinced that the Fox can give him back his human body, Cliff joins the Fox in his war against the Crow, despite the Fox's requirement that Cliff wear a ridiculous looking mask and costume.

The Wild Girls ambush the Fox and his minions from the Violet Valley Retirement Home, and in the ensuing battle, Dorothy unwittingly summons her imaginary friends to attack the disguised Cliff. Cliff recognizes Dorothy's imaginary friends and calls out to her, but she's so caught up in the battle that she doesn't hear him. That is, until Charlie, the Inner Child, arrives in the form of a floating stick and knocks Dorothy in the head to get her attention. (Charlie explains that he can take whatever form he needs.) Dorothy finally recognizes Cliff and the two stop fighting, despite the objections of the Fox and the Crow.

An odd, glowing stick-like being suddenly appears (Charlie has assumed yet another form), and convinces the Fox and the Crow to reconcile their differences. The Fox tells the residents of the Violet Valley Retirement Home to follow their wishes, and offers his home to anyone who wishes to remain with him, while the Crow offers her protection to any of the Wild Girls who wish to remain with her, and creates duplicate, "nice" versions of the Wild Girls to send back to their parents. (When a Wild Girl wishes to return home, she can inhabit the life and memories of the duplicate.)

Cliff and Dorothy decide to return home to Doom Patrol HQ, and Dorothy promises to re-visit the Wild Girls.

Summary written by Tom Hartley.
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