Issue 71: "The Fox and the Crow"

Cover Date: October, 1993

Rachel Pollack - writer
Linda Medley - penciller
Tom Sutton - inker
Stuart Chaifetz - colorist
John Workman - letterer
Tom Peyer and Lou Stathis - editors
Tom Taggart - cover artist

The Fox and his new army, the residents of the Violet Valley Retirement Home, march through Violet Valley's Main Street and are confronted by the Crow and her minions, the Wild Girls. A fight ensues, the first battle in what the Fox has convinced his followers is a generational war. Later we learn that the Fox is simply using the retirement home residents to carry out a centuries-old grudge-match with Crowdark, his former lover. The Fox had amassed a collection of souls and had stored them in jars. When Crowdark and an undine, or water spirit, drank up the Fox's entire soul collection in order to achieve sexual gratification, the Fox swore revenge.

At Doom Patrol Headquarters, Kate Godwin, a.k.a. Coagula, is accepted as a member after demonstrating her powers.

When Dorothy is frightened by two of the "sexually remaindered spirits" that inhabit the Doom Patrol's HQ, she runs of the house and into the nearby woods, where she eventually meets Crowdark and the Wild Girls.

Cliff Steele decides to confront the Fox in order to learn once and for all what part the Fox played in Cliff's becoming Robotman. He is able to find the Fox by using his infra-red vision to scan the nearby woods, and when they meet, the Fox offers to give Cliff back his human body.

Summary written by Tom Hartley
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