Issue 70: "The Laughing Game"

Rachel Pollack - writer
Scot Eaton - pencils
Tom Sutton - inks
Tom Ziuko - colors
John Workman - letters
Tom Peyer and Lou Stathis - editors

Summary written by John Bullough

A young man, constatntly rejected by women all his life, develops a complex about his 'manhood' and constructs a weapon - a large gun, worn around the waist - with which he plans to terrorize the world. Calling himself the "Codpiece," he begins a crime spree.

We also meet Kate Godwin aka Coagula, a young woman who received her power after having sex with none other than Rebis! She has the power to coagulate and dissolve things, and even applied for membership in the Justice League.

Meanwhile, Codpiece is out terrorizing the town, and runs into the Bandage People, who attempt to subdue him, but are only successful with an assist from Coagula, who first coagulates, then dissolves, the Codpieces 'weapon.' Impressed, the Bandage People invite Coagula to join the Doom Patrol.

In an epilogue, Cliff finds the Inner Child, who helps Cliff remember his childhood, when as a young weakling he yearned for a strong, powerful body. We learn that the Fox promised Cliff such a body long ago in return for a favor...

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