Issue 69: "Down Among the Underpinnings"

Rachel Pollack - writer
Linda Medley - pencils
Graham Higgins - inks
Tom Ziuko - colors
John Workman - letters
Tom Peyer - editor

Summary written by John Bullough

The Fox gathers his army of old persons at the Violet Valley Retirement Home, apparently in preparation for a conflict with the Crow and her Wold Girls.

Meanwhile, at the urging of the Identity Addict, the Doom Patrol goes to Amsterdam to fight the Master Cleaner's menace. They make their way to the "Underpinnings," the abode of the Cleaner.

The Identity Addict, now assuming the identity of the False Memory, with the ability to implant false memories in people to disorient and subdue them, utilizes this power on the Master Cleaner and eliminates the threat of the Cleaner's actions.

The Doom Patrol is a licensed trademark of Jost Enterprises and, of course, DC Comics.
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