Issue 66

Rachel Pollack - writer
Richard Case - layouts
Stan Woch - finishes
Daniel Vozzo - colors
John Workman - letters
Tom Peyer - editor

Summary written by John Bullough

The Doom Patrol and Dr. Magnus fight the weirdness taking over the world. Meanwhile, in an alternate reality known as the mother time, Niles Caulder is convinced to return to the "real world" as a disembodied head, given the ability to sustain himself as just a "head."

The beings from the mother time also create a new brain for Cliff. Dorothy retrieves the Chief's head from its frozen locker, spoiling Josh's body in the process.

The Chief's return causes the end of the madness. Cliff, Dorothy, and the chief, now a head sitting in a kitty-litter box full of ice cubes, re-form the Doom Patrol yet one more time.

The Doom Patrol is a licensed trademark of Jost Enterprises and, of course, DC Comics.
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