Issue 65, "The Book of Ice"

Writer: Rachel Pollack
Layouts: Richard Case and Linda Medley
Finishes: Stan Woch

written by John Bullough (

A dead pig lies near the foot of a mountain which has the Chief's face carved into its side. Dorothy, Magnus and Cliff recuperate at the DP headquarters. Cliff appears to be malfunctioning, experiencing hallucinations and other anomalous phenomena. Strange occurrences break out worldwide, somehow related to the arrival of the `Book of Ice' into the world.

A group of African god-like beings approaches the Chief-mountain, warning him about the events in the 'real' world. It seems Caulder is in some sort of hell. As the zaniness ensues all over the world, we see a military general rousing his troops - faceless toolbelted men - to stop the `serpent outbreak' infesting the world.

As Caulder consults with the elders, a pig carcass drops down from nowhere, it seems, into a city street, causing all sorts of chaos. The toolbelted men appear at Doom Patrol headquarters - which can mean only one thing - a fight!

written by Kyle Seifried

p. 9 -- A miswired Cliff is quoting from issue 52 on this page.

p. 16 -- The general standing in front of the wiry American flag is taken from Patton.

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